So what happened to 2011. It went somewhere. 2011 was reminder that things must come back into balance and that life as we know it is fragile. Autistic life is even more fragile still. If you want to be out there doing it every day, whatever it may be, then you walk a fine line. Sometimes you may burn brightly and others you err on the side of a darkness that threatens to consume your very soul. My 2011 had me walking the fine line. Travelling to Canada to present at a feminist conference and winning a new job to ending up questioning my very existence and trying to answer questions that only depression can pose. So at the end of the year I have said goodbye to a long association with Autism SA as an employee and a Board member and I am looking forward to just being a part of the rich autism community in SA. 2012 will bring new things as I consolidate and look for new work and healthier work/life balance. I am putting it out there, to the universe, to bring in the balance, the give and the take, the passion and the reprieve, the joy and the sorrow, and the hope and the fortitude to see me through.

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