30 Day Challenge

A few people I know are doing this 30 day challenge where they  write a blog and day for 30 days.  So I have decided to join them and  revive this much neglected blog. I read this article by Leah Hobson recently – Disability in an Alternative Universe – in which she was searching for portrayal of disability in Science Fiction writing.  I am an avid science fiction fan and I’m really just waiting for our technology to catch up with stuff I’ve been reading all my life.   I’m waiting  for more technology because I’m willing to embrace it even though some people believe technology will lead to an apocalypse, I’m convinced that used well it may lead to emancipation.  And I don’t  mean living out your life through a sexy blue avatar, I mean embracing the cyborg.

I’m waiting for the attachments/implants to enhance my life. But while waiting lets do a bit of an inventory of what’s already in play. I can use voice recognition to write this blog and navigate this machine, I can (albeit crudely) back up my memories on my terabytes of hard drives, I can ask my smart phone to do all manner of things and my little intelligent wrist band tracks my movements and monitors my sleep. They are not yet seamlessly integrated but if I had more cash they could be integrated more so. My crip friends integrate with their chairs and aids and dream endlessly of less CLUNKY ways of doing things. And hell why aren’t there less clunky ways of doing things – why isn’t the crip/cyborg paradigm more sexy in an actual and a business sense.

There are some people out there jumping on the bandwagon though – like this guy who used a 3D printer to make an animatronic arm for $500 – yep 500 bucks. Check it out:3D Printing in Animatronics: Easton LaChappelle at TEDxMileHigh

The point of this blog post and what Leah also explores is not only where are we in the Sci Fi narratives but where are we in the real world and why with all our tech obsession isn’t all of this sexy and more accessible.

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