SCA????? Yes SCA – Super Crips Anonymous.  It’s a club I’m proposing  for all of us who overcompensate for our impairments by doing super freaking amazing stuff, a lot, if not all, of the time.  We are super freaking vigilant about access and inclusion not only our  own but everybody else’s. We usually belong to  3 maybe 5 committees and have been involved in at least one national organisation.  We rarely just chill and if it looks like we are chilling were actually  just plotting our next move.  We are often writing or contributing to submissions on disability related matters. You will find us operating on multiple platforms and in multiple time zones.  We get sick, we freak out, we burn out and then we get up and do it all over again. We are driven to say the least.  We don’t listen to people who tell us to slow down. If we have them, our partners, friends and children wonder what the hell we are doing and what this totally separate vocabulary is about and they dread us bumping into someone and ‘talking SCA business’ for – well for as long as it takes. We are a unique breed with no off switch. I often wonder if all the disablement in the world disappeared would I stop – hell no there are long list of oppressed peoples that need the SCA.

So Super Crips Anonymous UNITE!!

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