I have been writing poetry for 25 years and exploring the complexity that is life through that writing.  Some Recent writing……


Finding people
with apple breath
pomegranate lips
sweet sweat
soft places.

People you fall into
melt onto
mix passionate musky juices with.

Inaccessible ephemeral people
who bend hearts
inspire whims
make love seem like a dirty word.

People you touch
for inspiration
when then drugs don’t work.

These people
the hard work of the mind
the heart briefly touched
yet the chemistry in flight
for apple breath
pomegranate lips
heady musk

© Katharine Annear


In short, it is handed out and like candy.
She takes it
knowing it will make her high
not elated but bitter
strung out on bitterness and punishment
waiting for atonement.

Perhaps they will crash
if she moves a muscle
if she makes a sound.

Maybe their lives
will be wrapped around
the fork in the road that lies ahead
waiting for choices to be made.

How many bitter pills must she swallow
before the weight leaves her chest
and the mediated life she bares out
resembles something more like freedom.

Where have the moments gone
whisked away by regret,
foreboding and a sinister voice in her minds ear.

She wears her immaturity on her sleeve,
takes what she can get
even though it seems like no-one is giving.

No-one but the one who hands it out like candy.

© 2008 Katharine Annear

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