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Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

This weekend sees the start of the FEAST Festival – my home town Queer cultural festival. A number of years ago I was performing in the festival in a show called ‘The Cracked Pot’ a place for those of us queers with disability to express our sexuality through theatre. It was theatre at its least comfortable with queer disabled sex on tap and an integrated audience experience. So basically if you came to the  show there was a chance you could be sitting next to a sharing the performance space with a disabled queer!!! I performed a piece about depression but I also performed a piece about my brother and the ostracism he faced as a member of our family. Because of his impairment people found it hard to communicate with him and he with them so much patience was required.  We all got through the hardest years and he has worked the hardest. Performing this piece with my father sitting opposite was life changing.

The FEAST Festival can be the seat of life changes with young people coming out and artists interpreting queer life. But we have to keep pushing for those who are queer and disabled to be a visible part of the festival and for events to be accessible.

My brother and his man:


boys equal love

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