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Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

At the moment I am learning to drive. I am 36 years old and have Asperger syndrome and a movement disorder and I never saw myself driving. The lessons are not without their challenges. I have a good driving instructor he seems to be a natural teacher with intuition and most of the time he knows when to push and when to diffuse the situation with humor. My driving instructor talks a lot which can be distracting but he assures me that this is a strategy – he says when he gets quiet I will know I am nearly ready for the test. I am finding the multitasking a real challenge and have to consciously think through things when I do them (but this is the way with all new learning). I have never been able to to respond to left or right as I am not programed for it!! I have to really think about it. I can feel my confidence slowly building and I have caught myself enjoying driving occasionally- but the urge to cut and run from the whole process is still there .  It is the anxiety that is my biggest enemy – the hyper-vigilance has me jumping at normal events and second guessing my moves. The instructor says I have a ‘driving face’ which is a tense one. My skill levels are good – my fear is getting in the way. This is the story of my life – fear getting the way – complex and insidious. I am however determined to overcome that fear and experience the freedom of driving.

I can empathise with Daniel in this article by the ABC. The driving program that Daniel is involved in offers people like us a opportunity to learn that is tailored to our needs and it would be great if it could be replicated across the country.

The NAS in the UK has their own advice about driving. I am interested in this BBC Doco coming soon.

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